Monday, October 29, 2012

Let me begin by saying I don’t want credit for this article. In fact, I don’t want any attention drawn to me for fear that I may be harmed for what its contents mean.

I shall refer to myself as Columbus Bob which contains no hint of who I am. I am not anymore important than any other spectator. I watch or listen to the news just like a spectator at a championship chess match. Sometimes we know who the players are and much of the time we don’t. We do however get hour by hour daily bombardments of the moves in the game.

The recent public activities concerning the murder of four Americans connected to the American Embassy show me an alarming story. If you will, imagine that all the bits of information that has dribbled out into TV and radio broadcasts as pieces of a puzzle that not only has the pieces that make the story, but also contains other puzzle pieces not a real part of the story. The pieces that don’t belong can be loosely thought of as “Red Herrings”. (During the early cold war a red herring was a reference to the act of “drawing a red herring across your path” to throw off the search hounds.)

So that this observation essay can be short and to the point, much of the details of daily news won’t be repeated here. Hopefully as a reader you will follow the chain of events that lead up to my conclusions.

The first important news item was discussed on a Glen Beck radio show before the anniversary of 9-11.

The discussion by Mr. Beck and his co-hosts related the questions about the State Department of the Obama administration having talks about releasing the Blind Sheik in jail for bombing the World Trade Center. Subsequent to this topic coming up, the White House released a statement from the Department of Justice which totally ruled out any activity where the prison term of the Blind Sheik would be terminated. He would remain in jail serving his full term.

Beck and his co-hosts decided that this sounded good. However, they didn’t understand why it was Justice that made the declaration, when it was the State Department that was asserted to be participating in the discussions. They also commented that this item may bare further scrutiny in the future.

On the anniversary of 9-11, the next play in the game, the murder of the ambassador and three other victims dumped a pile of pieces of the puzzle on the airways. Over the following month there was much confusion as to what happened. Much of the information caused confusion. This was because the news was fragmented and some of it was red herrings designed to throw the concerned public off on the wrong trails.

After much questioning and leaks from many sources, there has emerged a picture of what happened.

Armed men attacked the American Embassy and a safe house also used by both embassy staff and American intelligence personnel. It took very aggressive investigative journalism by mainly Fox News, but also by many radio talk shows to sort out what happened.

The well-armed invaders executed a well-planned attacked which resulted in the trapping of the ambassador in an interior safe room. While this occurred, the embassy compound was blown up and set on fire. The attack lasted for several hours and went from the embassy grounds to the safe house annex located some distance away.

The embassy security was overwhelmed and no help arrived to resist the invaders. Investigative evidence surfaced that for many weeks prior to 9-11, requests for increased security by the embassy went unheeded or was simply refused. There was even a story that the marine guards were deprived of ammunition for their weapons by the order of the Department of State.

The ambassador and three brave men (two former navy seals among them) were murdered.

In the weeks that followed this, the White House from the President and down the chain of command all declared that the attack was a spontaneous action that grew out of a protest about a movie purported to be an insult to Mohammed. This was shown to be untrue, and thus a subterfuge (red herring). The story was changing on a daily basis, because it lacked cohesiveness. It didn’t stand up under questioning. Eventually, all kinds of evidence was gathered and made it appear to be a planned act of terrorism whose success was enhanced by an appalling lack of security.

After more than forty days, Fox News  sorting through the information,  presented a step-by-step timeline of the events. A bogus story line asserted by the White House Administration became apparent. The picture cleared-up to show what had really happened.

Fox News even was able to present to the public how the ambassador died.

Inside the burning facility, inside the safe room, the ambassador ended up crumpled on the floor. The invaders upon finding him thought he was dead. One of them checked and excitedly reported, “He is not dead! He is breathing!”

At this announcement, according to Fox News’s special report, the gathered invaders became cheerful and in their language started shouting something like, “God is great, God is great!”

They scooped up the body and raced him to the closest hospital in an attempt to save his life. Unfortunately he had too much lung damage from smoke inhalation and doctors were not able to save him.

Now I know that this account of the high points leaves out a lot of the story. And I apologize for skipping over great investigative journalism. There are questions that haven’t been addressed as far as I know.

Why did this event happen?

The government administration falsely claimed that it was a spontaneous action to a bogus film. Why?

People began calling this a scandal and that the government was doing a cover-up. Covering up what?

I, Columbus Bob, see a picture here that I think answers these questions.

I believe the key to understanding what this event was all about is to look again at the curious reaction the invaders had when they thought the ambassador was dead and discovered that he was alive. They were happy and cheered about his being alive.

This caught my attention and struck me as a paradox. Weren’t they trying to kill him? If yes, why did the discovery he was still breathing make them so happy? Why did they do what they could to save his life?

I believe they were not trying to kill him, but trying to capture him. This raid looks like a botched kidnapping. They wanted him for some reason.

I believe they intended to trade him for the Blind Sheik, and that the administration of the United States prepared the scene for a kidnapping that would allow the release of the Blind Sheik.

The steps leading up to 9-11 would follow the pattern by the State Department’s lack of “concern” about security, and subsequent standing down during the event failing to rescue the victims. The post events looking like a cover-up that would fit exactly what the U.S. Government would need to conceal from the citizens in a foiled kidnapping scam.

I, Columbus Bob, conclude that our President, and his White House government appear to be guilty of a mighty crime. Treason? I’ll let others decide what it is.